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Terms and Conditions


Term and conditions.

At EB Washing, our priority is to provide the highest level of service and care for your vehicle. These Terms and Conditions are in place to protect both our company and customers. Please take a moment to read and understand them before using our services.

  1. Acceptance of Terms

By requesting a quotation and any subsequent amendments, you agree to be bound by these Quotation and Amendments Terms and Conditions (“Terms”). These Terms constitute a legally binding agreement between you (Customer) and Ebwashing.

  1. Request for Quotation

2.1. You may request a quotation for products or services offered by the Company by submitting a formal request, either in writing or electronically, using the Company’s designated channels.

2.2. The quotation provided by the Company will include details such as pricing, quantities, specifications, delivery terms, and any other relevant information.

  1. Acceptance of Quotation

3.1. Your acceptance of the quotation must be communicated in writing or through electronic means, such as email, to the Company within the validity period specified in the quotation. Failure to do so may result in the quotation becoming void.

3.2. Acceptance of the quotation by You constitutes a binding contract, and You agree to pay for the products or services as specified in the quotation.

  1. Amendments

4.1. Any requested changes or amendments to the quotation must be made in writing or electronically and submitted to Ebwashing for review and approval.

4.2. Ebwashing reserves the right to accept or reject any requested amendments in its sole discretion.

4.3. Once an amendment is accepted by Ebwashing, it becomes an integral part of the contract and is subject to these Terms.

  1. Booking:

5.1. Customers are responsible for removing all belongings, money, and significant items from their vehicles before any valet service.

5.2. EB Washing is not liable for any loss or damage to any belongings left in the vehicle during the valet.

5.3. We cannot guarantee specific time frames for valet bookings as each vehicle’s requirements may vary.

5.4. Regular bookings will be attempted to be kept on the same day and time each week, but changes may occur, and we will communicate such changes in advance.

5.5. We reserve the right to secure a booking with debit or credit card details.

5.6. Bookings may be altered or rescheduled due to weather conditions or machinery/equipment failure.

  1. Liability and Engine Clean:
    • All vehicles are cleaned and valeted at the customer’s own risk.
    • Customers who book an engine clean must read and agree to the disclaimer and notice before proceeding with the service.
  1. Refusal of Service:
    • EB Washing reserves the right to refuse or deny any booking or continue with a service if the customer behaves unreasonably.

7.2. We may also refuse any customer demands beyond the scope of the booked valet.

7.3. Verbal or physical abuse towards our staff will not be tolerated, and appropriate actions will be taken if encountered.

  1. Pricing:

8.1. Prices will be itemized and specified in the quotation form, which will be provided to the customer for review and acceptance before any work commences. The customer must sign the quotation to indicate their agreement with the outlined pricing and scope of work prior to the commencement of any services.

8.2. Prices quoted over the telephone are estimates and may vary depending on valet type, type of car, and customer location.

8.3. We reserve the right to adjust prices during the valet if they differ from the original estimate.

  1. Payment

9.1. Payments can be made via Cash, Bank Transfer & Credit/Debit Cards.

9.2. Payments are due on the day of work completion unless stated otherwise.

9.3. Late payment (7 days after service date)  for invoices will result in a £5 per vehicle fee initially, with additional charges accumulating daily at the statutory interest rate of 8%.

  1. Our Service:

10.1. We may inquire about how customers heard about EB Washing to assess our marketing strategies.

10.2. We have public and employee’s liability insurance, ensuring protection against any damages caused by us during the valeting process.

10.3. We are not responsible for any damage arising from ill-fitting trim, lose or faulty parts, or other pre-existing vehicle issues. Customers should inform us of any potential problems before starting the valet.

10.4. Valeting in hazardous areas, as deemed by Local Councils and insurers, will not be carried out for safety reasons. Customers are responsible for checking the safety of the areas.

10.5. We understand that circumstances can change, and sometimes it’s necessary to cancel or reschedule appointments. Our cancellation policy is designed to provide both our customers and our business with a fair and balanced approach. Please take a moment to review our cancellation policy below:

  1. Dissatisfaction

At EBWashing, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality service. However, we understand that there may be circumstances where you are not completely satisfied with the service you have received. We value your feedback and are committed to resolving any issues to your satisfaction. Withholding payment due to this matter is not permissible. If you find yourself dissatisfied with our service for any reason, please proceed by following the steps outlined below to initiate the cancellation process.

  1. Notification:

Please get in touch with our customer support department at your earliest convenience to convey your discontent. Please include specific information about the problems you’ve experienced, along with any supporting evidence and the registration details of the vehicle you’re unhappy with. This should be completed through electronic means. You can reach our customer service department at Admin@Ebwashing.com.

  1. Resolution Attempt:

Upon receiving your complaint, we will make every effort to resolve the issue promptly and to your satisfaction. Our goal is to address your concerns and provide a solution that meets your expectations.

  1. Re-Evaluation:

After the resolution attempt, we will re-evaluate the service provided and ensure that all necessary steps have been taken to rectify the situation.

  1. Cancellation Request:

If, after our best efforts, you remain dissatisfied with our service and wish to cancel your contract or request a refund, you may do so by submitting a formal cancellation request in writing. This request should include the details of your dissatisfaction, your contact information, and the service contract or invoice number.

  1. Cancellation Decision:

Our team will review your cancellation request and decide based on the circumstances. We will communicate our decision to you within a reasonable timeframe.

  1. Cancellation
  2. Notice:

Customers are requested to provide a minimum of 48 hours’ notice prior to the scheduled appointment time for any cancellations or rescheduling requests. This allows us to adjust our schedule and accommodate other customers effectively.

Cancellation Fees:

12A.1.  Rescheduling requests made with more than 48 hours’ notice before the scheduled appointment will not incur any charges.

 12A.2 For cancellations within a 24-hour period, customers are required to make payments as follows: 50% of service charge on the quotation form provide to all customers electronically or physically.  

12A.3. If a customer fails to show up without prior notification or encounters access issues to the vehicles (such as a lack of keys or security clearance), they will incur a fixed fee of £150 if they have contacted or rescheduled with Ebwashing within 24 hours. Otherwise, the entire service charge will be necessary.

  1. Rescheduling:

Customers can request to reschedule an appointment without incurring any charges, provided the request is made with more than 48 hours’ notice, request may not be approved.

14.How to Cancel or Reschedule:

Customers can cancel or reschedule appointments by contacting our customer service team via phone or email. Our team will assist you in making the necessary changes to your appointment.

  1. Exceptions:

Exceptions to the cancellation policy may be considered in cases of emergencies, severe weather conditions, or other unforeseen circumstances. We encourage customers to communicate such situations to us as soon as possible.

  1. Refunds:

Any applicable refunds for cancelled appointments will be processed in accordance with our refund policy. Please refer to our refund policy for more information.

We value your business and appreciate your understanding of our cancellation policy. By booking our services, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this policy.