Sparkle wheel


This hydrofluoric acid-based cleaner is uniquely crafted for aluminium and other alloy wheels, ensuring a meticulously clean and noticeably brighter finish.

Our Aliclean Super uses the power of hydrofluoric acid to bring unparalleled cleaning power to your wheel maintenance routine. It works by reacting with the dull aluminium oxide layer that forms naturally on your wheels, converting it into aluminium fluoride and water. This reaction effectively strips away the layer of oxidation and accumulated grime, revealing the gleaming metal beneath.

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Sparkle wheel stands out as a top-notch aluminum brightener, owing to its distinctive composition featuring hydrofluoric acid. This acid holds remarkable efficacy in enhancing aluminum’s brightness, thanks to its unique chemical attributes.

When exposed to air, aluminum, like many other metals, develops an oxide layer on its surface. While this layer shields against further oxidation, it often lends a lackluster and discolored appearance to the aluminum. Hydrofluoric acid’s prowess lies in its ability to react with aluminum oxide, transforming it into aluminum fluoride and water.

By stripping off this lackluster, oxidized layer, the cleaner unveils the gleaming, vibrant metal beneath, revitalizing aluminum to its original shine.

In addition to hydrofluoric acid, our formula incorporates surfactants and potent cleaning agents adept at lifting and eliminating grime, dirt, and brake dust. These components ensure not only the removal of oxidized layers but also the effective cleansing of surface contaminants, resulting in a radiant, spotless aluminum surface.

However, it’s crucial to note that hydrofluoric acid is potent and potentially hazardous. Adhere strictly to usage instructions, employ appropriate safety precautions, and thoroughly rinse after use to avert potential damage to the aluminum and ensure user safety.

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