Fast Action Weed Killer


For optimal outcomes, apply the product as is. This formulation is ready to use, and you’ll notice visible results within 24 hours.

Avoid applying when flowering weeds are visible. Aim the spray away from ponds and other surface water bodies. Refrain from draining excess product into drains. Allow the sprayed area to dry before walking or engaging in activities on treated surfaces

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🌿🚫 5 liters of weed killer covers about 175 sq. meters.

Where to use: Controls most weeds across the garden—gravel areas, paths, drives, patios, along fences, and lawn edges. Ideal for preparing ground before planting vegetables, flowers, bushes, and trees, also for renovating overgrown areas.

How often to apply: Use between March to October during active weed growth. Apply close to the weed’s root, on calm days to prevent spray drift. Reapply after 7 days if there’s regrowth.

Safety: Carefully follow label instructions. Keep away from children. Avoid eating or smoking while using to prevent accidental consumption.

Caution: Inhibits regrowth for about 6 months. Kills all green plant growth, including lawn grass. Avoid applying to lawns and plants you wish to keep.

Contains <10% Acetic Acid. Glyphosate-free.

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500ml, 5L, 20L, 200L, 1000L


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