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💪 TFR Ultra Special: our most potent caustic TFR! This concentrated Traffic Film Remover is a versatile powerhouse, tackling traffic film, oil, and grease on vehicle exteriors.

🚚 Perfect for heavy usage, delivering top-notch performance at an excellent price point.

👍 Ideal for commercial vehicles. 🔧 Safe for vehicle bodies, chassis, engines, and trailer curtains.

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Traffic Film Remover (TFR) is a specialized cleaning solution engineered to tackle the stubborn grime and residue that accumulates on vehicle surfaces, particularly on cars, trucks, and other transportation vehicles. This potent formula is designed to break down and eliminate various types of contaminants, including road dirt, grease, oil, and traffic film—a thin layer of pollutants that coats vehicles after prolonged exposure to roads and traffic.

TFR works through a combination of powerful cleaning agents that penetrate and dissolve the tough buildup on vehicle exteriors. Its high effectiveness lies in its ability to lift and emulsify the ingrained particles, making them easier to rinse away without damaging the underlying paint or surfaces. Typically, TFR is applied as a pre-wash or during the initial stages of vehicle cleaning, either through manual application or using pressure washing systems.

Its versatility extends to various vehicle parts, including exteriors, chassis, engines, and trailer curtains. This adaptability ensures a comprehensive cleaning process, maintaining not just the visual appeal but also the hygiene and longevity of the vehicles.

Moreover, TFR formulations often cater to different needs, offering options suitable for commercial or high-volume usage, all while maintaining a balance between powerful cleaning capabilities and cost-effectiveness. When used correctly following manufacturer instructions, TFR not only restores the vehicle’s shine and cleanliness but also contributes to protecting its surfaces and preserving its overall condition.

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3 reviews for Traffic Film Remover Special

  1. Richard Joash

    Very polite, excellent service; I’m very satisfied on the work done in my car, I highly recommend to anybody. Thank you…

  2. Diwa Alejandro Galvez

    Really great auto service center these guys had me in and out, most places I’ve been to take at least an hour before they tell you that your car is being worked on. Really neat and clean space I would definitely recommend to anyone.

  3. Ed Hickman

    Excellent service would recommend to any wanting to get their car fixed.

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