Snow Foam Shampoo for Vehicles


🚗 Our Snow Foam Shampoo creates a fluffy foam that’s gently applied to your car’s surface before washing. It works magic by breaking down dirt and grime, giving you an easier clean and a sparkling finish.

🌟 It doesn’t just clean; it shields your paint from scratches while washing.

🛡️ Extend your car’s paint life by banishing harmful contaminants.

🔄 Whether used solo or as part of a detailed car wash routine, it’s a versatile cleaning superhero!

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Check out our Snow Foam Shampoo, the ultimate solution for an in-depth car cleanse. Crafted with a top-tier formula, it generates a luxurious, thick foam that adheres to your vehicle’s surface, effortlessly lifting off dirt and grime. Its high-foaming action tackles stubborn residue, leaving your car refreshed and rejuvenated. pH-balanced and gentle on paint, it suits all paint types, ensuring a safe clean. Plus, it’s eco-friendly—biodegradable for your peace of mind. Just mix the shampoo with a foaming lance, apply to your car, let it settle briefly, then rinse away.

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500ml, 5L, 20L, 200L, 1000L


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