GreenGuard Weed Terminator


Green Guard simplifies the removal of even the most stubborn weeds. Its specially crafted formula directly targets the weed’s root, ensuring effective eradication without regrowth. The potent formula handles both perennial and annual weeds, effortlessly managing challenging varieties like Japanese knotweed, oxtails, horsetail, ivy, nettles, and more. 🌿

Bid farewell to invasive weeds dominating your garden. This potent herbicide is user-friendly and swiftly restores your outdoor space to its finest. Green Guard is the ultimate answer for maintaining a weed-free garden hassle-free, saving you from continuous weeding or costly landscaping services.

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5 Liters

How To Use

GreenGuard For optimal results with GreenGuard, use the product undiluted or in a 50:50 mixture with water. To maximize cost-effectiveness, dilute the product with water in a 50/50 ratio and apply using a garden pump-up sprayer or administer directly to the roots using a watering can or pump-up sprayer.

Step 2 Ensure the ground is moist before applying GreenGuard for the best outcomes. Avoid application during the presence of flowering weeds. Direct the spray away from ponds and other water surfaces. Refrain from draining excess product into drains. Allow the sprayed area to dry before walking or allowing any activities on treated surfaces.

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