Cleansweep Dish Soap


Combat stubborn kitchen grime and grease effectively with our Ultra Concentrated 28% Dishwashing Liquid. 🍽️

Designed for industrial use, this potent dishwashing liquid is perfect for cafes, restaurants, hotels, and pubs.

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Our Ultra Concentrated 28% Dishwashing Liquid is a powerhouse solution crafted to tackle the toughest kitchen messes. Engineered for industrial use, this potent formula stands as a reliable ally in combating stubborn grime and grease found in commercial settings like cafes, restaurants, hotels, and pubs.

The high concentration of this dishwashing liquid ensures maximum effectiveness. It effortlessly cuts through various types of kitchen residues, making cleaning more efficient and less time-consuming. Whether it’s baked-on grease or hardened food particles, this concentrated solution powers through, leaving dishes, utensils, and surfaces sparkling clean.

Its industrial-grade formulation not only ensures superior cleaning but also enhances cost-effectiveness. A little goes a long way, as even small amounts of this powerful liquid can generate copious suds, facilitating thorough cleaning across a wide array of dishes and kitchenware.

Moreover, its suitability for various commercial establishments makes it a versatile choice. From busy restaurant kitchens dealing with heavy grease to hotel dishwashing areas handling diverse cleaning needs, this concentrated dishwashing liquid proves invaluable.

With its efficiency, potency, and adaptability, our Ultra Concentrated 28% Dishwashing Liquid is the go-to solution for professional kitchens seeking exceptional cleanliness and efficacy in their daily cleaning routines.

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