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🧼 Hygiene Clean offers a potent foaming degreaser, based on a caustic formula. Our powerful bactericide formula is perfect for general farm and dairy use, ideal for keeping farm buildings impeccably clean.

Regular deep cleaning with Hygiene Clean is vital for safeguarding livestock, workers, visitors—everyone on the premises.

It eliminates dirt, harmful bacteria, and germs effectively. Kills 99.99% of Bacteria. Besides benefiting interior spaces, external pressure washing prevents rot, staining, and decay, extending building lifespans and enhancing overall aesthetics.”

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Hygiene Clean stands as an exceptional caustic-based, foaming degreaser, wielding powerful bactericidal properties ideal for maintaining pristine conditions in farm and dairy settings.

This formidable formula serves as the perfect solution for the comprehensive cleaning of agricultural buildings, ensuring an environment free from harmful bacteria. Its regular use not only upholds the cleanliness of the infrastructure but also contributes significantly to safeguarding the health and well-being of livestock, workers, and visitors frequenting the premises.

Beyond its prowess in eliminating dirt, harmful bacteria, and germs, Hygiene Clean boasts an impressive 99.99% efficacy in bacteria eradication. Its application extends beyond interiors, where external pressure washing plays a pivotal role in deterring rot, preventing staining and decay, thereby protracting the lifespan of buildings while elevating their overall aesthetic appeal.

By prioritizing regular deep cleaning routines with Hygiene Clean, farms not only ensure hygienic conditions but also actively contribute to the long-term preservation of their infrastructure, fostering a safe and welcoming environment for all occupants and livestock alike.

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