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1. Get in touch with us. 2. Well send you a welcome package 3. Schedule an in-person consultation 4. Vehicle assessment 5. Discussion about the quotation 6. We come to you and carry out the service. 7. You’ll receive and invoice and a copy of the wash report. 8. Next, we look forward to you rescheduling and inquiring about our subscription offering with discounts. It really is just that simple.
A vehicle cleaning subscription service simplifies Vehicle maintenance by offering scheduled cleaning and detailing packages. Customers choose from various plans based on their budget and needs, enjoying cost savings compared to one-time services. Subscribers benefit from convenience and reliable quality, with both interior and exterior cleaning provided at regular intervals. With huge Discount's and perks also available to our subscribed customers.
You don't have to transport your vehicles to us. We'll come to your various locations with all our cleaning supplies and equipment to provide on-site vehicle cleaning. Our team members are fully licensed and well-versed in health and safety protocols to address various challenges.
The service duration will vary significantly based on your fleet size and the chosen package. However, we typically estimate our recommended service to take approximately 45 minutes per vehicle.
We suggest that the typical interval between cleaning sessions is approximately every four weeks. However, please note that this is merely a suggestion, and the decision regarding the frequency of fleet maintenance is entirely at the discretion of the customer.
When you reach out to us, we will provide personalized recommendations for the specific package required for each individual vehicle, instead of promoting a single, large bulk order. Our commitment is to be highly adaptable and accommodating to meet the unique needs of our customers.
After the service is finished, we capture photographs and document the work performed for each individual vehicle. This comprehensive report is consolidated into a single, user-friendly document, making it effortless for you to review the completed work and its respective timeline.



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